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Rainbow Dash 02   I miss you guys D:
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Shuttersly   You should totally join back then! (although a lot has changed since you were last here)
Rainbow Dash 02   Yeah I know it's been awhile I feel so out of place but I really wanna join back and hopefully I can.
Shuttersly   LOL You totally can!
MRKISTER JR   Goodbye :d
Rainbow Dash 02   bye :)
MRKISTER JR   You are now no longer a registered member of this site. However, you still have all of your friends. I hope that we can play online sometime :)
Rainbow Dash 02   bye all just told MRKISTER JR to deactivate my account
Rainbow Dash 02   read post bellow
Shuttersly   Fine. Bye.
Shuttersly   Have a whole lot of fucking fun.
Kung Fu Jesus   So long, you will be missed!
Rainbow Dash 02   thanks ;(
-=Biohazard=-   Goodbye, I'll miss you :'(
Rainbow Dash 02   ill miss u to :(
MRKISTER JR   Before you leave, please take this.... We will all miss you dearly :)
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Rainbow Dash 02   soo cute <3
Rainbow Dash 02   I'm done sorry to all of the Celestias Spartans but i am done with the clan i will be moving on. I'm sorry for all the time i haven't been on and it was a blast the time i was there. I will be deactivating my account soon. I just wanted to let you guys and girls know that im done. I apoligige for the short notice and not contacting you guys but i do have to move on thanks again to all of my friends here i have made <3
KoumoriTategami   Hey, I didn't really talk to you much but it's always sad to see members leave. Take care :)
Juggernaut   I agree, it's pretty sad to see people leave. Oh well, see ya around :)
TSRookie195   Sorry to hear that you're leaving =(
Have fun out there ;)
Rainbow Dash 02   sorry for not attending the last meeting damn you runescape
PROxundertaker   haven't played runescape in awhile lol
Rainbow Dash 02   my mom got me a my little pony calendar
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Shadicon   LOL from where?
Rainbow Dash 02   umm i think wallgreens i could be wrong though
Jordan (horse)   im jelly
Rainbow Dash 02   well theres this guy i know who is a closet brony that hacked my school network and got arrested who now has to explain rule 34 to his parents because they went though all of his electronics or be labled as the guy with cartoon horse porn. XD
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ZCD99   Tell him he still has the bronies. /)
Tight Wrap   same here. What school district?
Rainbow Dash 02   Pinelands Regional NJ
Rainbow Dash 02   well my mic broke probably wont be getting a new one until next Friday :/
Rainbow Dash 02   why not 0.o
Rainbow Dash 02   First meetup was amazing cant wait for the next one :)
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swordman600   was on but no-one showed/invited me..... dont think i could have gone anyway my internet was being screwy and i cant hold a connection to save my life
Rainbow Dash 02   if you go to the event page you can see all the meetings/upcoming activities
ZCD99   I hope to join next halo reach event.
Rainbow Dash 02   that new episode was awesome :d
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Jordan (horse)   indeed.
PROxundertaker   it was okie dokie lokie
Rainbow Dash 02   if anypony wants to roleplay pm me
Rainbow Dash 02   lolwut? [link]
Sombralot   Da fuq did I just watch?!
Brown Sugar   UGHHH...it was a bit funny though.
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