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Sharp Note   this is for you hope you like :)
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Sombralot   A clean slate everyone. Even here. Just put a comment below if you want to stay in my friends list. We can hopefully still have fun. Even if I'm no longer a member any clan.
TSRookie195   Nothing's stopping us from having some fun still.
Steamlined   I'd love to, if you'll have me.
Tada   Ah, how did I miss this? Keep me.
MangledMajesty   Evil Admin Bros
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Sombralot   The things I got for Christmas:

Hard copy editions of the series "A Song Of Ice And Fire" by George R. R. Martin
A bottle of Johnnie Walker scotch whiskey given to me by my father. (What a crappy father, giving whiskey to a 16 year-old)
A minispeaker.
A box of Marlboro blacks given to me by my mother. (Seriously, mom, wtf? I quit...)
A leather case that is apparently made from snakeskin, along with a wallet inside that is apparently made from said skin.

So, what did you guys get for X-mas, my bronies? I got crappy shit.
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TheMibula   My brother got a box of cat food. I may or may not have been responsible for that :3
He didn't get me anything.
MangledMajesty   "A box of Marlboro blacks given to me by my mother. (Seriously, mom, wtf? I quit...)"

MangledMajesty   Oh, and I got sickness! It was free. And horrible.
Sharp Note   shared this image...
Sombralot   NO!! NOT EVIL ENOUGH!!
Sombralot   My name is Siegfried. I am a 21/12/12 survivor living in Eidsvoll, Norway. I am broadcasting on all friend frequencies. I will be on the site at mid-day, when the sun is highest in the sky. If you are out there... If anybody is out there... I can provide shelter, crumpets, weird glowing colas and bottlecaps. If there's anybody out there... anybody... please. You are not alone.
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Simply   I going for the crumpets
Kkiller28   Nice Forrest Gump refrence.
MangledMajesty   sorry I couldn't keep playing earlier dude. You got on right when the party was winding down a bit and I was bucking tired. lol
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o0rolyat0o   lava and giant burning demons are everywhere, but im still alive too.
MangledMajesty   Sorry you're sick. I hope you get well soon, man! :(
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Sombralot   I was bored without my Xbox, so I played a little with my voice. Give me some criticism, please?
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Kkiller28   Sounds like Colonel Sanders with a sore throat.
Shuttersly   ^lololol
MangledMajesty   Oh my god. Sombra. Did you... did you change your name to... hhhhhhaaahahahahahahahahahaha ohmygod hahehehehehehehehe so much win.Oh god. Oh my god. Holy shit.
MangledMajesty   I feel like I just got gakrolled. Oh man. Troll level over 9000. *breaks counter*
Sombralot   You just noticed this now, my friend? I've had this name since, like, Sunday.
What kind of rock have you been hiding under? gakgakgakgakgakgak.
MangledMajesty   I've been playing Halo 4 silly! I wasn't on the site for a day or so there. ^-^
Sombralot   In the meantime, have this lovely picture of our lord and saviour, Gak.
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Sombralot   I came home today expecting some home alone time with my xbox, only to remember that I hammered my bedroom wall earlier because there was a rat's nest inside it. So no xbox for me until I eradicate the rest of the fucking mice and renovate my bedroom. (on a plus side, I get to install a 50 inch smart hdtv.)

I'll probably come back in a few days/weeks/months, depending on how lazy I am.
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TSRookie195   That sucks.
o0rolyat0o   make sure those rats dont have the plague, hate to see you become a weeper.
ummm, sorry been playing too much dishonored lately haha
Sombralot   Wirdal's the cunt now? And here I was thinking it was Jordan all along...
I really need to stay up on the news.
o0rolyat0o   i have no idea whats going on, im staying out of this. my opinion of jordan and wirdal remain unbiased
Alia Sun   I don't plan to interact with him. I'm not jumping into anything, past is past I don't plan to dig up something I was not a part of. So Wirdal can do what he/she wishes. I was simply telling what I had heard, but thinking back on it that's how stuff starts so maybe that wasn't the best move. Sorry my friend.
MangledMajesty   *COUGH*freedom*COUGH* oogh. *ack* Sorry about that! Something stuck in there.
Sombralot   Gak.
o0rolyat0o   a new name? confused me at first lmao
Sombralot   Lolwut.
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Tada   ?_?
F1r3br4nd22   lol
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