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Elusive09   are you from america? if so i wont be able to text you so, do you have whatsapp or facebook?
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Universol_Leader   My Facebook is jermaine easton
jpcmlcnaccac1   I added you guys on psn last night and was wondering If I could join your clan I have a 1.76kd ratio and I'm a great team player I mainly snipe but I can use smgs and ars
Universol_Leader   yes you can. Your KD is high enough i will send a clan invite later. if i could get your number for updates and info for when im offline? also we do clan accounts to make us look professional and help identify when we get youtube up. We are making premade accounts or you can make one of your own which do you prefer ?
jpcmlcnaccac1   Thank you so much! My number is 405.535.8717 and i would like a premade you tube account!
Force_TrYHarD   New acc Force_TrYHarD
CLasSiC_B3AST-2   add my new account I-OBEY_ME-I
Kinggangsta23   when am i going to get an invite on mw3, cause i wanto join this clan but there are other people who want me to join their clan.
copy and paste it into your url i guarantee you will like it.
NinjaManager - a free browser based MMORPG
A free browser based online multiplayer strategy game set in the shinobi world of the Naruto manga and anime series. A free naruto game for all fans!
Pure Assent   shared this image...
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Pure Assent   mw310.jpg
Kinggangsta23   i sent u a friend request and just invite me on this account on elite
Kinggangsta23   hey it wont make me make another account cause it says i have too much
Kinggangsta23   i sent a friend request to u on psn yesterday
Kinggangsta23   the username is the same username on this
Kinggangsta23   it says that i dont need to change my psn so can i still join
Kinggangsta23   and when u mean awakened account u mean on this website.
Kinggangsta23   i could do -AL- for my clan tag so u guys no im on your team
Kinggangsta23   cause u when the clan tag becomes a neon yellow it means ur in that clan
i also could put a title that has the name on it so people could no
and sorry for writing so much stuff
darkhavok11   when the next tryout
Universol_Leader   monday 230-6 ET and 625-745ET
MISS SYNIST3R   Who are you?
lakerfan24bryan   hey y weren't u on friday for tryouts..... just wondering
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Pure Assent   Go to our website and go to Graphic Request and fill it out.
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