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The Wild Things are a PvX community in Guild Wars 2 devoted to being successful while still being fun
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Guild Wars 2, Stormbluff Isle
Guild Wars 2, Stormbluff Isle
Guild Wars 2, Stormbluff Isle
Guild Wars 2, Stormbluff Isle
Guild Wars 2, Stormbluff Isle
Malcynth   SOOOOYLENT!

dont worry..be happy.. dodoo doo doo hoohoo hoodo do doodoo
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Master_Okou   Soy, I am sorry about not getting back to you, I didn't know that had to be on here to go through an interview process. I got the e-mail, but when tried to login to the guild , it would n't let me login. So, i didn't know what else to do. I am still interested in the guild, if you'll still have me.
Goldcrier   Soy. You're legit.
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Soylentgreen   too legit to quit
Gwendabell   shared this link...
Soylent Green Crackers
The year is 2022. The world has grown more crowded each year, and as the population has grown, the means to feed that population have dwindled. We couldn't go hungry; something had...
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Gwendabell   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *celebrates*
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Soylentgreen   Noooo!, I'm not a youthful 27 anymore I'm an over the hill 28 year old *cries*
Goldcrier   Happy birthday to you Soy!!!
Rajiin Terra   happy belated B'day, also don't think of it as getting older think of it as 1 step closer too...umm....to... fuck it no your just getting older now =D
Mudoria   what was the kicker, if i may ask? or lack thereof :]
Soylentgreen   the short answers to the spec and skill questions especially the 2 word answer adaptive creativity, the app is all I have to go on and we are being extremely picky at this point sorry
Mudoria   Well I've never played Guild Wars before, which i specified as well. That makes it difficult to know what the specs are and whatnot, but that's easily remedied with a good solid guild of people who know what's up to help me learn :] I'll reapply a few weeks after release, hopefully I can gleam enough in-game knowledge to be worthy <elegant bow> :p

'til then, good luck with the recruiting!
Norsu   Nice job with the website really organized :)
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Soylentgreen   thanks man
Heavensend   Hey i see you poking around just thought i'd say hello.
Soylentgreen   I see you, seeing me poking around *arches eyebrow*
Heavensend   hehe *hides behind the forums*
Sir Stancake   Do you play ME 3 online at all? If so, you should friend me on Origin:

Soylentgreen   I haven't yet but if I do I will definitely friend you
Soylentgreen   Oh Felicia Day you've stolen my heart with your humorous nerdy wordplay
Supernatural 7x20 Promo - "The Girl With the Dungeons and Dr...
Supernatural 7x20 Promo "The Girl With the Dungeons and Drag...
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Verithor   Time to get back into watching supernatural...
Soylentgreen   OH yeah baby, the holy triumvirate is back!
Exclusive Stream: Rush Return with Heavy 'Headlong Flight' |...
Preview a cut from the trio's 20th album, 'Clockwork Angels' Click to listen to Rush's 'Headlong Flight' "Headlong Flight," the first single from Rush's 20th studio album Clockwork...
Soylentgreen   Loving GW2 like a boss
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SNIEVES   Damm sol, that was awesome, it sounded identical to the one for guild wars 2, your a hey of a violin player
Soylentgreen   Shit wish that was me, that was a video I found, I used to play violin in my youth but haven't played in a long time.
Soylentgreen   Squee!
Soylentgreen   For Mannaise
Soylentgreen   Lethal Weapon Marathon!... Refreshing my inbox for a beta invite Riggs, Riggs, I'm too old for this shit!
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