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MDG TANGO   What's on my mind you ask... I'm thinking I should maybe reunite with old friends... You know who you are. Send me a message if you are interested in it Xbox name is CFG skriderfan..
CFG Sparkles   It's begun...
MDG TANGO   some peoples children really need to step up and say something when they have a problem... I could be a real dick and post names and reasons for me to be saying this but I have more respect than said person...
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CFG Sparkles   Dood, she's got the bluest eyes. And she's got a pair of lungs to boot! :d I know I've said it a million times, but once more never hurts. Proud of you man.
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MDG TANGO   So after a few days of running the messages through my head I guess it's time to bid farewell to mdg as a whole as a former owner. And former what ever it is I was... I don't know what more to say feel free to message me in xbox name will be the same for awhile and decisions will be made from there as what to do with myself
Thrush iD   good luck dude
MDG TANGO   hey everyone I know its been a long time since I have posted and I thought I would say hey and see how its going and my new profile picture is myself and my daughter maelynn.
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MDG TANGO   Who thinks I should make my return appearance into the land of MDG?
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MDG TANGO   the things of the past make you who you are today.... the things of tomorrow will make you a better person.. the things of today are the ones that matter most.... MDG is the one thing that has helped me keep my calm during rough times. and will continue to do that. thank you all for the things and working to make this the best gaming community out there.
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MDG Canadian   I take all credit....... :)
MDG TANGO   Whats up MDG??? How's everyone doing? I know I haven't been on but as all of you know I am on leave. I miss chatting with all of you. Hit me up with a comment and tell me the news on what's new and exciting. Papa Tango out.
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EVIL xCHERRYx   Millennium opened up and we're gonna be the best division there is!!!!
COUGAR IS MDG   There's a JR division now, and your wee one can be the CO :)
MDG TANGO   Well what a great day.... Became a dad at 1:05 name is maelynn Michelle what a great feeling
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itzMmrs   congrats tango
bl00dhawk1228   Congrats!
CFG Sparkles   Hey dood. Just lettin' yah know that I'm gonna be online pretty much all day. Teh wifey person lady has work at 15:00-19:30. Hit me up when you get back. Let's smack some face around again.
MDG TANGO   Any body in mdg land a halo junkie? If you are or just fancy a couple rounds in the old pub lobbies in halo 4 let me know.
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MDG Canadian   Hah your not the only MDG Tango on the website anymore :p someone else has that name
CFG Sparkles   You know damn well that the only reason I'm not the next rank below you is because you, Tom, and Jake were the ones who made the move. What I wanna know is why I didn't take Jake's place? Makes you think huh?
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