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Blacksheep   Best Tree Voice NA

such effort

ESO: Brackenleaf voice
This HAS to be a placeholder left in from the beta, right? :...
Blueberry   omg RIGHT? this moment was a bit awkz.
Blueberry   y r u not deku
Blueberry   ASJHDAS. The writing and the quests in ESO are just SO GOOD. AAAAA. I have never been this immersed in an MMO in forever.
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Vekky   TAKE ME WITH YOUUUUUUU... (eventually)
Blacksheep   And man... do they make the choices hard some times D:
Blueberry   Wait till you get to the third zone, zo mah gawd.
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Blueberry   15 more minutes of work and then it's ESO time! @BlushingBlueberry and I'll be playing on the Aldmeri Dominion!
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Vekky   Tell me more? :o
Blueberry   Shoot words at me on Steam! :)
Vekky   *shoots them*
Blueberry   I used to love Mario Tennis so much.
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Elle   "used to"? lies.
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AlexTheTall   You're in Legacy? :o Looks like we meet again fellow Canadian :p
AlexTheTall   Yea, I was not around lately. I stayed at the hospital for nearly 3 weeks! I was sure you were making Advent coming into the game! :p
Blueberry   Oh no! I hope you're feeling much better. Advent was just a little side project, but it might come into play since you can join up to 5 guilds in ESO. We'll see how things play out. I'm very interested in the idea of trade guilds.
AlexTheTall   I am! indeed! Well we will be seeing each other in game real soon! Really happy to have you around!
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Art History Snapchats Are The Best Snapchats
Your art history prof would be proud. Maybe (Probably not).
Blueberry   who doesn't love a good hat now and then.
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Blueberry   *stares at Kell*
Kell   *stares at Blueberry.... then nods*
Blueberry   Anyone interested in participating in a study on perceptions of female video game characters (specifically Lara Croft) message me!
Blueberry   Somebody To Love Me - Mark Ronson
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