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Weave   Where did you go?
Illusion   I disappeared into Oblivion.
Weave   Well stahp.
Illusion   2000 profile views! And only 10 friends!
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JuggernautDEAD   I stalk you.
Illusion   Uploading pictures is a pain in the ass, especially if your friends take 60 of them last night.
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Illusion   Hah! I got banned from S1 for posting the Duncsweb IP in chat. :d
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Weave   Why would you get banned for saying the server IP? :S
Illusion   The IP is [link], which looks like a generic IP. Some mod might have saw it and banned me because he/she didn't know.
~ominescent   I think mp's reason was pretty valid.
Illusion   I'm a pro now :d
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Illusion   Only 8 friends and 1364 views... O.o
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Weave   Your profile picture makes me...go bananas. :d
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Illusion   I know I look sexy.
dyno900   wow your old man
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Illusion   Yes.
Weave   Your skin is awesome.
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Weave   How did you get the bottom half to be transparent?
Illusion   Oh, the bottom is transparent. Doesn't seem to work in-game though, but Enjin recognizes it.
Weave   Ah.
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