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i wear black and have a thing for marilyn manson
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Xeagu   Ey. Long time no see.
Secret   hey :d
[WD]zoobiker   Hey do you know any good MC servers?
Secret   i really only play on [link] and play CTF
Secret   anyone still alive? :<
Secret   i still play mc but idk im so bored of it. time to go back to sims ._.
Ssowori   Never really learnt to have fun playing sims. O_o
Secret   its just fun to kill them.
monkeyalex123   Secret what's ur username in minecraft?
silkshadow   I know you miss me ;P
Secret   okay
silkshadow   u disapeared in the chat O.o
silkshadow   get back on chat room nub i d/c'd :p
Donepezil1   im always ignored :d
Secret   HI
ISeeStars9   Hello SecretBlackVow :d . Contact me on skype User is BVB398 I want you to join my faction in a server with some old Nemesis players :d
Secret   heyy ill go add you :d
HozakiX   Hello.
Secret   hi :)
Hecticx2   How long has it been secret? :)
Secret   Hey :d
blockrhino1320   hey secret!!!!
Secret   hii
Fuzzybear   Awesome job...but now im gonna have to excorcise you...*holy water* take that hoe!! :3
Secret   whatevurr
SiegsPlay   XDDDD jk god can't u take a joke
Secret   dude you're annoying and i dont even know you. gtfo
SiegsPlay   Just make out u 2 I know u guys wanna XD
Secret   what. the. fuck.
silkshadow   why u gota look like a hot Navi >.>
Secret   idk
silkshadow   its a sexy look on u thoughxD
Secret   ._.
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