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QsDark   -;';';--_-;.'#####
QsDark   Bruth im sorry
Plan3tminecraft   i would change ur pass if someone is hacking you
Plan3tminecraft   Age:14

How Long You Can Be On A Week (Hr's Per Week): About 18

Why You Wanna Be A Promoter and How Would Be Helpful To The Server? (3 Sentences Min Plz): i would help guests , i will help people with there proplems
i have downloaded the hawkeye app already so i can catch grifers and demote them for grifeing ,.

Have You Been Banned Before On The Server or Any Server?: No, once when
i was new to minecraft

Why do You Think We Should Pick You (3 Sentences Min): You should pick me, because I can be very helpful to the server ,, i help people build houses . when i get bored i find diamonds for members to be helpful, i have hawkeye to catch grifers

Do You Have Any Experience As a Promoter?: yes on a old server

Time Zone And Time Your On the Most (In Your Time Zone): Central Time Zone: 7.00am to [link] at night or 3am the next day like i do sometimes
El_beluto96   Ok when you are realy hacked i will ask you everytime when you are on
How are you!!!! you says stephen i am orginal!!!!

when i ask you and you dont say this we know your account are hacked.... xD
Plan3tminecraft   i didnt xray why the hel are u blaming me for xraying ... og because i found diamonds
QsDark   Bruth please add me on skype
bruth28   ...ok?
buggerboots   Bruth.
im saying you this.
im bowed XD

Lau2345   Lol :p
bruth28   thank you i guess
Lau2345   I'm giving you your first post! WALAAA! :p
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