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Paper Mario
Newfie190   Need a server to join?
FlyingGirl101   Pop on xcion's server i cant go on because its 1.4.2 can you ask him if he can update it to 1.4.4
popcornboy15   Admin Of Towncraft here, and just to make it clear, If you need help, Please message me or any other staff that has a account

To Members of Towncraft.
Epic_Slash_26   Hey i own a server now you should join it
message me if you want the ip
popcornboy15   Woo-Hoo! got promoted to moderator on RandomCraft :d
popcornboy15   derp
popcornboy15   derp
popcornboy15   derp
popcornboy15   aww man in 1.2 they removed herobrine :(
Sᴋʏʙᴏʏ   lol they do that every time
popcornboy15   nooooo! i upgraded the new update :( now i have to wait.
optiondisabled   go read the front page.
Epic_Slash_26   Hey I will,help you on ur hotel or so
popcornboy15   its already finished if u want to live in it u can.
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