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DHG xVOLTAGEx   lol scrubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Murkain   Hey Monarch wanna to contact you about the MLG team -XBL YOTE LiL
Gods Indian   Hey Monarch, Im new to the clan and just wanna say hi. lol
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Gods Monarch   Whats your xbl gamertag?
Gods Motto   Hey monarch it's gods motto can you get my thing were I'm on this site now or tell me whatever I need to do cuz I don't know if I messed up or what but I submitted it
DHG xVOLTAGEx   bann me from this website bcuz u suck DICK
Gods Nipplles   Dude this guy sounds like a fucking retard
Gods Monarch   I know, and he isn't even in the clan lol
Gods Nipplles   wow a big douche
Gods Nipplles   My gamertag is Im Angus Nelson. Also i was wondering how do i join the assault rifle team.
Gods Nipplles   Hey dude i went to the new clan website and (Gods Divine) and i am banned i was wondering what up with that. Thank you.
Gods Monarch   Wait who are you? because i banned everyone that i didnt know on the website. What is ur gamertag?
Dont Use This Account   Want an scrims againts my clan
Damnlag   Hey, recruiting for your clan? Check out [link] - It's where small clans go to get bigger. Xbox 360 Clans is an online community of Clans dedicated to bringing Clans together to exchange of ideas, information and resources relating to all aspects of managing a Clan.
texanyugioh   Hey Gods Monarch, the names texanyugioh, I got recruited last night into the clan, and got told that if i talk to you guys i could maybe be into the marksman team, my k/d ratio is 1.56 off pure sniping, i'm pretty good at quick scoping and no good at trick shotting, but I am one of the best that I possibly know at sniping.


Spektrax   Get on xbox
Flamingarrow650   Its me flamingarrow650
Gods Herababa   People that are first accepted into the website are unable to access the contact page even though they have signed out and back in multiple times?
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