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Prestige1989   Add my second PSN account Knightelfmohawk3
EliTE_Allenmbalmer   dem
Prestige1989   Lol
Prestige1989   First time playing headquarters went 47-15, I think I did good
Prestige1989   Oh wow, thats crazy lol Imma start to play it more often. I was more of a free for all player. Team Deathmatch became so boring to me, most of the time the teams were crappy and its not like I can hold up a whole team by myself. I need at least one more other player who can put up some kills, so I switched to free for all. After playing headquarters with RDRM NATION they showed me the light that there are still some great players out there. Thanks RDRM NATION lolz
Beeg50Grand   Wuddup my dude, add me on the ps so we can go to work..
EliTE_Allenmbalmer   201-30
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