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Fornax   Not a totaly wasted day - managed to get to the PC for some arty fun. Hope you guys like it.
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Fornax   To all my American friends, guys you may want to do something about this. >.< Good luck!
Say Hello to McCutcheon
The Supreme Court just decided an incredibly important case called McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), which looked at the question of whether aggregate campaign contr...
Fornax   Made this today - hope you enjoy it <3
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Angel Fox   Ugh talent... ow... So brilliant it hurts to looooooooooook...

Hey Guys, just sharing some artwork I did last month. Hope you enjoy <3
The Daughter of the Sea. By Fornax
Created this image again in Photoshop last month. I have had...
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Siren   Hey Fornax--do you still plan on continuing the Herald Project?
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Fornax   Yeah - I will be starting up editions next week - if anyone is interested and needs/wants any work done just post on my wall until I get the site back up.

Fornax <3
Siren   Awesome! Because I love the concept and can't wait for the Witness to return c:
Fornax   Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated!
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William Trommell   Oh good, my resurrection spell worked!
William Trommell   If you're not dead, come roleplay with me some time. You are missed.
Lhyrisa   YAY!!!!
Lhyrisa   Stops to hang some Hallow'd Eve's pumpkin garlands and sets the spring-up-from-it's-grave-dancing-chicken in front of Fornax' wall. *runs away giggling*
Such Franoires Wow So Lastier   Hey Fornax! I wanted to see if you wanted to help in drawing the The Great Tavern Portrait. You don't have to if you don't want to though. it isn't closed yet so If you do I will let you know when it closes :d
Morighena   *stalks fornax's wall looking for more awesome arts/siggys*
Fornax   My Girl Cave - still have to hand some pictures, but its looking more like home everyday <3
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Fornax   hang** ppfftt its 4 am here >.<
BlackWolf   Big Screen, great bookcase. Looking nice! :-)
Ithilai   Is the Piken Square version of the Krytan Herald still active?
Fornax   Yes, I will be doing general editions for both servers, about living story and lore stuff.

NB: Commissions are ALWAYS OPEN <3 So if you want an editions made to promote your guild, an event ..tell a story ...whatever you need really, I will happily create as many as you guys want.

Fornax <3
Lhyrisa   Hope your move went ok :)
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Fornax   I am in, the pc is working, I can see the floor again... Houston we have landed! <3
Fornax   Here is the draft, let me know what you guys think <3
False Truths and Truthfull Lies by Margot Dan Eider
FlipSnack is a flipping book software that lets you convert PDF documents into Flash page flip digital publications that you can embed into your website.
Fornax   Just finished editing a new edition of the Herald. The new writer has done a great job <3 Editon to follow this evening. woots
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Fornax   I joined The Chronicles of Tyria Guild on Tarnished Coast.

They have made me feel so at home. Thanks Guys, you rock <3
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