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Dr_Fnurgg   Rob, I'm 'defecting' to BAD-1 for some Clan wars experience. It's been fun in BSA, lots of new people - mostly good but some odduns too (like ME)! I may be back in the future (If you'll have me) when the competitive edge has worn off. Good luck with and to all of BSA.
Warmwaffles   Hi dude have been told clan wars players now in bad1 dont suppose makes any differnce what cla of the 3 we are in but want to do clan wars so will change over just wanted to let you know ;-)
mothy2401   Haha, you're gonna stab me!! That Stupid_Noob guy was still keen on joining the clan. So I accepted his app. Got him on TS for a chat and He's an Asian living in Missourri USA!! soz mate! ....................tbf he sounds a decent chap, apart from his asian voice that makes me think he's trying to sell me insurance.
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   and you do know every one on the website can see your post tim ? :) lol
mothy2401   hahaha! oops!
mothy2401   anyway, I've left him with Gordon so I don't think he'll be around much longer!
mothy2401   I stayed online last night so that I could send a clan invite to that Boomstick1 guy as soon as his cooldown period ended, checked back again this mornin and the cunts gone and joined Relentless Rebels instead!! Bastard!!
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   typical m8...theres some tosspots in this game tim :(
mothy2401   I've recruited another player, will be joining 23rd after his cooldown period ends. Boomstick1 is his game name. I've checked his stats out and he's been in clans before, last one was URBAD. Am I able to invite him onto our TS in the meantime?
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   yeah tim of course fella :)
mothy2401   I've found a possible recruit. chillman111 has a 48% win rate. He's got an E-100 and an IS4, can you check him out and let me know what you think. He uses TS too.
mothy2401   I've worked out how to spam clan adverts in-game, I'm not sure what I should be putting in the ad though. Can you type/copy something for me and email it to me at [link] please ta.
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   tim ask jay for his advert m8y :)
mothy2401   Ok Rob, will do that. Ta m8
mothy2401   Apparently I'm in trouble for broadcasting music thru TS yesterday. Not sure how it happened as the music player was running in the background on my laptop. sincere apologies for any disturbances caused!!
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   well sorry tim but because of this i have hired a hitman to take you out..he will be with you by 18.30...please make sure you answer the door :p lol
HARDasNAIL5   no but if anyone wants to join thought it be handy to have , i got it so
HARDasNAIL5   yer me too
HARDasNAIL5   was fuuny
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   you will have to put replays on m8..then any good games or kills ya can send me em to put on our youtube site jay
HARDasNAIL5   lol , where is that game code on invida website ?
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   there ya go mate..only works for new accounts tho :(
HARDasNAIL5   cheers only good until 9th aug :(
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   ah right i had not noticed a date on it..still im not gonna start grinding a new account..taken me 14 months to do mine and get great stats ;) lol
HARDasNAIL5   missus in a strop so dont know :(
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   aw bad luck m8..but if shes in a mood best thing to do is play the game and ignore her...not playing wont make her happier if shes in the mood already ;) lmao
HARDasNAIL5   alright m8y
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   good mornin handsome dood..hows the jaymeister today...and when you playing ?
CANN0N_F0DD3R/Rob   hi all and welcome
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