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ZSG is the last thing you'll see on your tv screen ^^
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HyperRockStar   hey
Memorys Lost   Hello!
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UniBomber   Santa and his horny elfs???!!! IDK, who!
UniBomber   was i wrong? Is it just the elfs?
UniBomber   If so im down with little horn dogs, haha. little horndogs.....like pigs in a blanket. YES!
HyperRockStar   ahahaha ahhh I seee lol
HyperRockStar   [link]
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HyperRockStar   Guess whos back bitches
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ZSG = Warm-Up Clan   Yay! Your a Lunatic now! lol
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Thall   Congrats on the Promotion!
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