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Legions Overdrive
AmyyMariee   I love you. <3
Bye Dammino.
Dartino13   I love you too. <3 Where are you going? D;
jacovanstryp   Hi dart on which server are u playing on?
jacovanstryp   Plz reply
Dartino13   I don't really play on any servers, just either single player or a different game alltogether.
jacovanstryp   Ok
smugg662   sup dart
CookieKraken   So i found out where the flood is happening, it's in Colorado, i just searched on youtube "Flood in US!" the first thing that popped up was about a Colorado Flood that had been posted 3 days ago.
CookieKraken   Just to add something, 3 ppl are dead and thousand of ppl evacuated.
Dartino13   Thats probably why the server is down then.
beshoypop   dart what happened now
AmyyMariee   Hey Damino! <3
Dartino13   How are you Amino?
Kakos_   love everywhere o:
___NecrolordxXx___   I like ur face, can ich haz it plz?
trinibwoy7216   what time would it be for Canada, ontario ( practise's)
jellzer   can you change the colour of my name on the site to green plz m8?

Shaddowkillerz   next stage is a PAG app
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Monkeybob   ye on the way to VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
jellzer   hi mate keep our website updated and improving as im sure u have mine and joes support :)
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Monkeybob   mine to, great work!!
Ak_ak_31   You My friend Are Awesome Thanks For The Website
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