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To master your inner beast is to master yourself and by doing so, master every enemy and obstacle in your path.
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G-Beast   Last time I logged on... December 1st 2012. Been a while LOL.
G-Beast   wat is dis place.
G-Beast   This lonely, desire feeling seriously needs to stop. Either she needs to show up or the emotion needs to go away and never return.
kiharamayako   :(
G-Beast   my best friend really knows how to pick 'em... sigh she acknowledges her naivety when it comes to letting herself fall for people who seem good but always ends up getting hurt in the end.... then she doesn't even listen to me despite warnings of a guy who is an insensitive asshole...
G-Beast   I love the one hour games that I win ^^
G-Beast   shared this link...
It's oddly peculiar yet true
It's oddly peculiar yet true
G-Beast   I really don't know what to say about this [link]
G-Beast   Some random Filipino chick adds my fb asking if I am single and she's 14 lmao.

Then asks for brothers/cousins her age. Not sure if male or just creepy.

I think it really is a chick, though, based on her other profile pics combined with some pics of some of her friends having the same person in them as that profile.
G-Beast   it's so returning to be able to play Veigar correctly, I really do not regret putting the time and effort in to learning him and his MUs
G-Beast   way too drunk LOL
G-Beast   LOL
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G-Beast   [link] <3333
G-Beast   been a while since I've seen a Poppy get that fed...
Psykadillic   Poppy OP (:
G-Beast   This here is pretty much the entire reason why Majora's Mask>Ocarina of Time :3
G-Beast   [link] here's to hoping I don't drop a ton of frames XD
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