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domownu   Pineapple
rikkstir | ɹıʇsʞʞıɹ   gay, I told you about pineapple i'm a pineapple hipster.
domownu   rikk, bronze 2.
Balloons   <-- challinjr

hue hue Wukong eet puneapples all dai
domownu   Such amazing quality, very rendered.
DomoCraft Prison Server Tour IP: DomoCraftPrison.nn.pe:25585
Balloons   I honestly much more people will be willing to go onto the prison server if you updated to 1.7 and added some sort of lucrative donator offer.
I'll check it out later if I can.
whitechili   Ill attempt
domownu   DomoCraft Prison Server is doing a promotion for the first ten players to reach C block! They will /kit Etools.
- Diamond Pickaxe with enchants: -Effeciency: 5 -Fortune: 3 -Unbreaking: 3

- Diamond Axe with enchants: -Effeciency: 5 -Fortune: 3 -Unbreaking: 3

- Diamond Shovel with enchants: -Effeciency: 5 -Fortune: 3 -Unbreaking: 3
domownu   DomoCraft Prison Server is now live!!
IP: DomoCraftPrison(.)nn(.)pe:25585
Balloons   Doesn't work for me. I'm in 1.7
I also removed the parenthesis and it still didn't work.
domownu   It is 1.6.4
Balloons   oh ok
whitechili   I cna build Ill build you the whole prison for... 75 bucks to 150 bucks depending on what you want
domownu   Hello,
A couple of friends and I have decided to start up a PRISON server, but we need some help as we only have so much free time. If anyone has the ability to help manage/run a server please contact me. Also, I will be wanting to create a website and the other crap that goes with it so I will be needing builders, graphic artists and people that generally want to help out when I can't get on.

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Cyclone   Sure I'd be willing to help out possibly
acialwip   I'm willing for ingame help.
acialwip   When should it be up ?
domownu   I created a thread on majoritypvp and it got deleted. :(
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♠Rvaj♠   wat was it
domownu   I was telling the username and password of the brazzers account.
Balloons   What a rebel xD
♠Rvaj♠   hi
Balloons   Nice pajamas
domownu   Hey Der,

I am going on holiday tomorrow meaning no Novscraft FW for 1 week.

Bai :)
kungfu_panda   hi
rikkstir | ɹıʇsʞʞıɹ   get on league faggot
domownu   shared this link...
LF Members In Our Super Duper Cool Clan Sweg Virgin Mode Tea...
LF Members In Our Super Duper Cool Clan Sweg Virgin Mode Team Clan & Team Recruitment
domownu   Join ma team: [link]
domownu   Played 6 ranked games so far on League Of Legends! 5 wins and 1 lose.
Average KDA: 8.3/2.5/7.3
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Fireclaw   HEY
domownu   Fack you upload speed!
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Fireclaw   :)
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