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NickDavid2   friend me
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Lpg   never say no to panda
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The Way of the Zen   Panda Cheese
YuhsJohn   shared this link...
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cjkindler   hi
Blobbeh ϟ   PANDA D:< GIMME IT :cool: Friend meh
ICEEpanda   I wanna be the very best
Like no one ever was
To catch them is my real test
To train them is my cause

I will travel across the land
Searching far and wide
Each Pokemon to understand
The power that's inside

Pokemon, its you and me
I know it’s my destiny
Pokemon, oh, you're my best friend
In a world we must defend
Pokemon, a heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you
Pokemon, gotta catch 'em all

Every challenge along the way
With courage I will face
I will battle every day
To claim my rightful place

Come with me, the time is right
There's no better team
Arm in arm we'll win the fight
It's always been our dream
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ICEEpanda   stfu
primehacman   "Gotta catch them all" says "I love satan" backwards
primehacman   Played backwards I mean
ICEEpanda   fur all of u who wunt tu no how i is i am vury gud tank yous ver mush.
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Legewein   die
NickDavid2   icee can u unban me from FW I donated and still waiting.
11bob   I made you a song, :d (take delay after each line)

Soft panda
warm panda.
little ball of fur

happy panda
sleepy panda
I am really sure
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Rjukon   What up, my fluffy PANDA!
poolpirate123   ok im here now wat do i do
Rjukon   Go take a dump, then go eat it, then eat a potato, then go on a journey including Q, Red, Icee, Rimbuk, and I. Then, go to bed.
Lpg   cutie
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kungfu_panda   i am cute
[∆Črāźíøñãćß ∆]   Uh...
Stryker the Sweet   You've been a panda for as long as I can remember.
ICEEpanda   Panda's are the shit.
Heynen   lol
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ICEEpanda   You should always trust us panda's.
kungfu_panda   i am trust
hockeyfam115   hey can u check my app for pre mod please?
ICEEpanda   Your app was denied.
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