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i like cheezburgerz.
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xXljohnstonXx   whats the ip
Stalker 2.0   Okay, i have good news, ba news, and status update. Good news=Im finally going on cinscraft (now potatopvp) more since im banned from novs till march 13th. Bad news=for some reason, server is lagging like helll that went deeper than its supposed to be. Update=New & improved spawn, better shop area, help center. Some fountains+statues, and some ctf and tdm maps, the first one either being Mongol Assault, or Bin Laden raid :) Upcoming maps will be released in "packs" on mc foruns, so other people can use them. The ones i am thinking of so far are: Gang warz, Guerilla warfare, Harbour assault, paratrooper raid (either water or plugin where shift key=safe landing, desert assault, and post apoc city might import a map and downsize.
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Bluebirdx   ILL be on after 3:00 or 4:00-4:30 kk?
Stalker 2.0   Today or tomorrow, 10-5ish also, lets make a huge gang city where there will be gang wars (with stuff to fight over) and such (subway, gang warzones, etc. I can make a website for it and advertise it on othe severs.
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Stalker 2.0   shared this link...
Potato PvP (Recruiting)
Posted 19 February 2012 - 11:25 PM Introduction: Welcome to Potato PvP! We are a new Minecraft clan (obviously) that ONLY plays on Faction War servers. We are currently recruiting,...
Bluebirdx   Just tell me when you are able to come online.
Stalker 2.0   Bluebird pm me when you will be on, a few hours in advance okay?
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Bluebirdx   Ill be on 3:20-4:00 today the 21st
Stalker 2.0   No, afterschool and im also in yrouble so i cant play, srry. Ill ask my friend if he can meet u. Y?
Bluebirdx   Because I would like to build a spawn and a citie area so my friends can play on it.but i need permission to make items and citie.
Bluebirdx   Santa can we meet on game today at 4:25 pm?
Stalker 2.0   Cinscraft. Us. To (no spaces)
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Stalker 2.0   Bluebird its [link]
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Arock4   I just blocked you.
Bluebirdx   Hey santa i have a question for you.
Bluebirdx   Santa gimme the server ip plz i lost it.
Stalker 2.0   Anyone play sc2? If so post ur username!
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