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so tired.....yet so much more home work to do :'(
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warcheif1569   god I hate writing speeches in an MLA formatted outlined XDD
boadway_kid990   im sorry for leaving your town but i just wanted to see i different town to see what they had and if you can plz add me! for Boadway_kid990
warcheif1569   ill think about it
warcheif1569   Boad i think it would just be better if u made your own town...that way it can be however u want it to be, u can get some first hand experience on how hard it is to keep a town running, i know i treated u badly after u left town. but it just angered me how u left without warning seeing u were my best resident and i was about to make u a town assistant but u left to quicm so i made julio my assiatant instead. I guess we can still be friends but in seperate towns. If u ever need towny help just ask me ans i can give u all the help u need. Im sorry but i know eventually u will end disliking my town and making ur own......i hope u make a great town that the public enjoys.
boadway_kid990   no i have no clue how to make a town and i wont try i know that it is really hard work
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