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RandomMiner   Hi. I can not believe I saw you again on a different server! It was great to see you again.
kpyro   shared this link...
Baseball137   Congratulations to the new mods addx9 AdvancedCrono KKarp12 RubyEden12 addx9 and synerrial. Also congratulations to the new super mods Antcrazy1234 and Verellic. To the continuing mods and super mods, keep doing what you are doing and work to be the best! Thanks you for helping out the server and I wish you all luck.
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↜.»~Ƒδxϊ°ℱσx~«.↝ (D   LOL
2kRay   you also said addx9 twice...lol :p
Baseball137   My grammar are bestest. don't on me hate.
Baseball137   Can anybody recommend a cheap gaming computer/laptop? I'm not very good with this stuff.
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AdvancedCrono   Build one, buy components at a computer shop online (a trsustworthy one!!)
The computer only that's good enough for heavy duty gaming will go for 1800$ with a monitor, keyboard and everything.
If you want tips for computer components just ask "Verellic"
Baseball137   Does that come with windows?
AdvancedCrono   You need to buy the operative system, buy windows 7 because windows 8 has so many buggs...
Baseball137   Well I didn't get trial mod first go around but crossing my fingers for the next time they pick staff! Congratulations to all of those that did get it though! Good luck to you.
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Baseball137   Check out this song on youtube. It's been out for a while but there are still people out there that don't know about it! [link]
Baseball137   I'm back from my mission trip with my church! Hope to see you all on!
Baseball137   Is it weird that I have more profile views than Minecraft Universe?
Baseball137   IT'S OVER 9000!!!!
Baseball137   Well not anymore -_-
Baseball137   Hey guys i'm officially back playing Minecraft. Looking forward to seeing everybody ingame.
Carter   :d
Baseball137   :d
warmonger280fate   the chat button isnt working 8(
Baseball137   oh lol
Baseball137   let me try it
warmonger280fate   remember me from torinp's server i'm sullivancalton.
Baseball137   yes i do
buckrub84   :3 Bitch prease, i grief corrupt admins for dayz .
agoreliusJ   D= u didnt say thanks for donating XD
Baseball137   sorry i have been gone a while and just got back :)..... Thanks for donating!
Baseball137   Back to school tomorrow -_-
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Jayden_m1   poor you
Robinarose   I don't have to go back to school till the end of January :p
tysc0412   baseball i know this is off topic from the server but can you tell dodge to unban me from this server he owns and that im srry? or he might have a new server so plz tell me the adress if he says he has a new one. it will really make my christmas :)
Baseball137   dodge? Is that a full name? if not please give me one
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