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Your FACE.   Whats up with Wasteland? The website is Inactive and the server's off.
Pumpking   I can't use any portals. I have tried all and even when it says open it won't let me through. And I am having issues voting, it isn't registering I voted despite me entering my name, the captcha, and me being redirected back to the homepage saying 'thank you for voting'.
NikowSt   Grump , The Server is off bro, i need play xD
Justind5700   Grump Can I still be a part of staff? I mean when I star playing again in a month or so.
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mineman28   AMD Radeon 9600 XT 128 MB
AMD Radeon HD 8670D

Grump plz put in your info on these. put which one is better.
Grumplestache   Who is interested in a Beta Key for this weekends Elder Scrolls online event? I have an extra friend key! Im only giving it out to someone with a custom PC. Not junk hardware :)

Comment here if you are interested
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turttlez   JUNK
mustangfang   I'm interested
mineman28   lol

Come check out our growing Wasteland Vote Points store!
Everything is free!
You just spend well earned Voting points!
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gryancooper@hotmail.com   can't wait
Grumplestache   Looking for skilled staff for our growing server network!

Adding new servers daily!

Adding WastedCraft Server [Guns] [Drugs] [Scamming] [Lottery] [Bandits]
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Grumplestache   I saw you log off like 2 seconds before it moved the Gold to your account. Also the Diamond block only deposits if you are online. I will be updating these since they are only beta tests for the Voting Points.

Also I would love for you to be a part of the team. Honestly you dont have to apply just let me know what plugins you are good with working with.....Obviously you cant be an admin on all the servers but if you like one in particular just let me know. :)
Pumpking   I would like to do factions please since I have the most experience with that plug in and for old times sake it would be nice to finally have farmers be the peaceful fac it was meant to be in the very beginning :d
gryancooper@hotmail.com   Guns now this should be fun I call MODERN WARFARE
Grumplestache   Playing Some Factions survival. Anyone want to play? I have kits to test
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Grumplestache   Anyone want to play some Minecraft with me? Survival Factions?
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gryancooper@hotmail.com   I will grump just give till the end of school today

-TruisticFrame-   Sorry bout when you joined and fell to your death earlier on vanityPVP, We are having issues after a server restart :(
Grumplestache   no worries dude. Keep up the good work
-TruisticFrame-   Thanks, I am joining Wasteland!
Grumplestache   shared this link...
Grumplestache   Join The Wasteland Server Network today! Members get Pets & Disguises as well as /kit member
Grumplestache   Anyone online want to play Minecraft?
Grumplestache   I am currently looking for server staff! All positions are open including Head Admin, Admin, Head Mod, Jr Mod, Builders,

Pm Me if you are still interested in being a part of The WasteLand Server Network.

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