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Trolly   Hey kids, remember all the fun and fantastic times that you had with me, Whimsical Steve, Trolly, Smidgens, and Kevoooooon, okay maybe not with kevoooon, I mean look at that dumb fucking internet handle. Like really try harder next time. But anyways THE FUN AND FANTASTIC TIMES ARE COMING BACK. Are we restarting Trollycraft, NOPE, but should that stop the fun times. yea-NOPE.
I mean all Trollycraft really was, was a way to entertain you, SO WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A RELAUNCH AND WE NEED YOUR HELP. With this relaunch you are going to see some great things, such as Let's plays, reviews, SHOUT-CASTING, pod-casts, and all around gaming and geek culture with a splash of SUPER-HOMO-EROTIC-UNDERTONES. ALL OF THIS WILL BE HOSTED BY THE GANG YOU KNOW AND HOPEFULLY ALREADY ENJOY. I know what your thinking, "Whimsy, how do i help with your master plan of GEEKY AWESOMENESS?" It's simple Chap and Chapette. WATCH, ENJOY, TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ALL THE AWESOMENESS YOU ARE ENJOYING, and most of all, SUGGEST SHIT FOR US TO DO, YOUR THE VIEWER, WE WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY. So with that i just want to say thanks for future support of GZ Productions.
GarethAnderson   lol
GarethAnderson   lol got a new pic :d
GarethAnderson   just got back from watching a film
Domnar   filmz nomnomonoonomn
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