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LemmingSA   <iframe src="[link]" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="240" height="348"></iframe>
h3dsh0t   DayZeeee
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PantheraPardusII   Hedshot, i send mail to VVV and Crack for a 20 vs 20 tomorrow at 20h00 on VVV clan server. Can u please get hold of the others? I'm working till 18h00 today so we can chat after regarding Match. Nice day, welcome back :d
RooiDuiwel   hello are you up for a clannie tommorow at 20:00
IVE added you on battelog
over and out
CurelessChief   Hi Dux aka Headshot.
Can you pleas send me your banking details. I want to send you the money for the server. Thanks
h3dsh0t   [link]
Ghost   me to please
Ghost   Hi Dux i have paid R100 into your acc. Cureles is a noob he needs to go and read the forums.
PantheraPardusII   i had a problem with my Asus software that caused my multiplayer to stall after each map and also on sp BF3. so deleted all the asus software and installed MSI afterburner and working like a dream. Strange but true.. see ya on the BF
PantheraPardusII   IR u using an android or, iphone or blkbry? Then we should mybe share contact nr's and connect on Whatssapp application. [link] I somehow lost some cell nr's when i got my galaxy:(. Oh and got rank9 now:)
PantheraPardusII   hey Gavin :-) Hope u well! Can't wait for this coming weekend lol. Preordered BF3 from [link] rather than Take a lot
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LemmingSA   Its the cat tryingto swear when he sees a dog fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck off
PantheraPardusII   To manny F's! Could only think of 6 words starting with F in 10 seconds lol
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