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KHDTVChannel   Hey! May I ask what's the time now in Australia?
Ninko   6:06 pm. What about you?
warlo   hey I was on at the time I used get on I as on for 4 + hours today
warlo   I got Skype only the messageing whats ur Skype name
Ninko   Hey all. Come check out DestRCraft Bukkit Server 1.6.2!!! The IP is 122 .151 .252 .3

It allows Cracked Minecraft 1.6.2!!

I shall put a list of some server specs below!


/warp spawn
/warp village
/warp wild
/warp shop

If you want to get from Default to Junior, just vote and comment on the [link] Page!
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emiraati   Hi destroyer ;)
Remember me bro? I started a server called The Void, I think its going pretty well.
I tried to connect to your server but I cant, Is it 24/7? If it isnt I will tell you a great host called MCProhosting I use it and so do famous youtubers like SkyDoesMinecraft.
Its really cheap and when you turn your server on can you please tell me? I wanna help you out with your server.
Ninko   Its almost 24/7 sometimes I restart it, you should be able to connect now ifyou tried. And especially if you tried 24 hours ago!
warlo   hey wats up haven't talked to u in a while what u been up too
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Ninko   Not much warlo, please come on the server! Me and bay miss u and we went public on 1.6.2
warlo   ive been on it but now one is on btw I will be on as Thefatt because I cant get a cracked 1.6.2 Version when u see Thefatt its me
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