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Professor Kokonoe   We still need to play at least ONCE...I promise I won't use Litchi....unless you make me angry .-.
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   I still need to get good lol
Artemis ツ   That beginner mode swag ^^
Artemis ツ   Hey you seen the stuff for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel?

Nisha looks kinda cool & I was thinking of using her, but then I noticed she has two guns in her hands so I'm worried she might play like Salvador >_> Everyone's gonna be playing as Claptrap so I'm thinking I might just go with Athena (gotta go w/ them greek goddesses)

I remember us talking about more DLC chars for BL2 & you mentioned that playing as a Hyperion char would be cool. Wilhelm kinda fits that category, think you might use him? Though ultimately I wanna see some game play of them all before making a choice.
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Lol yeah man. Wilhelm beasting.
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Dat left handed Sauce.
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   BBCP Limited Edition arrived today. Not really a big fan of Rachel, but the mini figure was kinda cool, not to mention a pain in the ass to set up. Soundtrack kinda disappointing, art book was cool, poster was torn, no one in their right mind cares about this post. Would buy again 11/10
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♚Emperor Final♚   never buy limited editions.
Professor Kokonoe   Final you're just mad because you can't play it (un)
Artemis ツ   shared this video...
♚Emperor Final♚   shared this video...
Revivendo um velho mene do Versus para o nosso amigo turbeir...
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Nearing the end of Tales of Xillia platinum. All that's left is enemy data, Jude's Story, and everyone to 99.
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♚Emperor Final♚   shared this image...
Professor Kokonoe   makes no sense...
♚Emperor Final♚   its lolzy
♚Emperor Final♚   shared this image...
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Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   So Infinite Stratos is pretty fucking terrible.
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Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   The MC is a fucking retard even by anime standards. The plot doesn't exist and don't even get me started on the harem.
Thresh Thee Fresh   don't let final hear you saying this I haven't watched the anime yet so eh
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   I already told him
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Fucking Fairy Tail and Reborn ruined anime for me. Now I can find shit that's wrong with anime so easily it's not even funny.
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Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Umad
☾Fatal☆   U a bitch?
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   No, I'm actually being serious. It's funny how you think I posted this just to piss you off though.
Clover♣Thief   Hello and Welcome to OW where you can role play with friends you make or just talk in the chat about anime and other stuff and make friends there. In OW you can post your pictures of your drawings in the gallery forum or post your stories. You can also join forums in spam world. Feel free to ask for help when you don't understand because here in OW everyone is nice and welcoming like a family. Have fun (: ~Clover
PurpleFullMoon   Welcome to OW! ^^ I hope you enjoy yourself here and make lots of friends! ^^ Feel free to ask any questions~ :3
PurpleFullMoon   You're welcome! ^^ ...I feel so ashamed I studied German for about 5 years and I don't remember much. OTL
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Lol it's cool, I don't really use it that often anyway.
PurpleFullMoon   I am saved \(*^*/)
Xjj   Welcome to OtakuWorld, I hope you'll enjoy your stay! (we are currently working on a new website design for 2014)

~Watch Anime, Read Manga, Role-Play, and many more!
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   Hurrah
Rowen-Alvin Troll Squad   That feel when you have plan to talk to hot teacher in office but plan is rendered obsolete by the fact that it's too close to the end of the semester.
☾Fatal☆   .........................
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