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grapegril   I will be on the server then?
Mrmediaman   Grape, make a warp where u got trolled, and msg it in-game, and ill sort it out
grapegril   I cannot use the chat feature while in jail, nor the massage feature.
grapegril   I can get all your messages and it's frustrating that I can't reply! I will be back when you said to be back (an hour or so).
Mrmediaman   you can come on now, if you want
Nemesis   DONT DO DRUGS!
grapegril   Good advice, I shall adhere.
BMX   tanks for the add :) see you in-game
Nemesis   Please don't double post
grapegril   I didn't double post?? What did I double post?
Chriso45   second to make a post on yr wall
grapegril   Actually, you're third.
Veyleus ;3   Hello :p
grapegril   Oh yeah, first to make a post on my own wall. SO. COOL.
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