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o TMACK o   are you going to be taking care of the affiliate section for you site ?
Bloodymassakr3   yes, i just need to make the banner now
Vines1996   hey bloodymassakr3 can you like maybe limit the rule #3 a little, due to school up from 7:30 to 330 in the afternoon its kinda hard to be on all the time.
Bloodymassakr3   not all the time vines lol, just whenever you get the chance
Bloodymassakr3   no man, not really a problem
manaba55   alright good man juss wanted to make sure
manaba55   hey man i was looking at the teamspeak thing n all i have for a mic is a bluetooth one n idt i can connect it to my computer. lol is this gonna b a problem?
Bloodymassakr3   not gonna be a problem at all man, it was just to make things a bit easier haha
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