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TheB4DG3R   +25 for being a member of the Honey Badger FT
Ham Hubris   Upside to tearing your ACL is more time for Xbox hehe
Amandah   ouch
tC Osiris   +3 for 17
Ham Hubris   17!!!
TheB4DG3R   No one else knows what that means Kate :p
Ham Hubris   Don't ruin this for me
TheB4DG3R   +3 points for a total of 14 points!
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TheB4DG3R   +8 points from the lobby today! Nice job! :d
TheB4DG3R   It's a start! Now you're lvl 4.
Ham Hubris   Really? Awesome! Do I keep track myself?
TheB4DG3R   Yes.
tC Osiris   +8 for your first 8 points!
tC Osiris   Woops, subtract 5 points due to the fact that you only get +5 at the end of the chatroom challenge which isnt for a while, that is if you are in the top 5. Sorry about that :)
Ham Hubris   Oh lol sorry I'm still new and learning
Ham Hubris   thanx guys
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Tirkot   Welcome to ALG!
Kapellx   Welcome To ALG
TheB4DG3R   Hey, welcome to ALG :d
ALG Kîp   Welcome to ALG, good to have ya!
Amandah   Welcome to ALG! Please let me know if you have any questions. :)
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