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VGL_MrTRiKs   Ah, yeah my name is kinda confusing at the glance. It says BLITZT3R, but that first "I" is actually a lowercase "L". That is why u couldn't add me. lol
Thanks for the interest. Please message me on exactly what type of player you are (rusher, objective, supportive), as well as if you have a headset and if you have any experience with doing call-outs (communication) as well as map knowledge. THanks
Pheind   impatient arent u lol
Pheind   no, the whole point of putting u in the age group is because we want to put u into teams. These teams aren't really teams, its just like your party. No, you don't have to play with them, but it's just so you have a set group, in case you have no one on to play with and they are. Understand?
also i would like you to reply to my news center post on the home page labeled "16-20 Crew"
Echo692   Ok I got it
Pheind   16-20 not 16 and under lol (killer's is really suppossed to say 15 and under but yeah wrong one still)
Echo692   Almost 16 hopefully can reach 17 tonight
Echo692   Gonna play Swtor till i hit 15 tonight
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