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KeepFoolish   Got TouchSmart PC for ma birthday today :') Now i can finally go on render distance far with NO lag!!!!!
KeepFoolish   * TouchSmart520PC
§prtñKîllä23   That's a touch computer... No offence but you should have gone with a regular PC. Much more value. If you want to save A LOT of money, build one. I was comparing some prices and the manufacturers usually charge $500-1000 extra (depending on the computer) for them to build it. For $1800 I could make a computer that would last for the next 5-10 years (unless they make a public supercomputer).
KeepFoolish   Thanks guys for the happy birthdays!!!!
Spectre   Happy Birthday KeepFoolish, Remember to Keep Foolish and Not only Kill creepers but those spiders to :thumb:
KeepFoolish   Watching fast five then the walking dead before I go to the skatepark :')
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KeepFoolish   Bon Iver <3
KeepFoolish   Is it me or did I have 8 rep the other day and now I have 5? Lol
Sᴋʏʙᴏʏ   ...thats seems odd
Raichor   Can you tell me what time you're online so i can give you your ender dragon egg?? :)
KeepFoolish   Oh whoops, the server reset ahahahahahahaha
Raichor   yeah sorry about that :/
KeepFoolish   It's fine mate :) Its the thought that counts!
KeepFoolish   It's snowing here in the UK! XD
KeepFoolish   I like to call my iPod Titanic so when it says 'Syncing Titanic' I click cancel and it makes me feel like a hero B-)
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pig-legacy   every good thumbs up :)
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