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Bloodkillerr   saw just i got suspended
Bloodkillerr   iam suspended atm dunno why!
Bloodkillerr   Can be i got hacked and someone did somethign wrong
Bloodkillerr   Well 3h not that much
Bloodkillerr   so you know i cant come
kirarha   ...Kirarha has come online...:) and u??? where are u???????
Elohime   ah Damn sorry kira!!!
kirarha   slacker! U.U
Zato   Booked a room for you and ya missus, it will be taken care of, no expense for you. You should have gotten a confirmation via e-mail.

Buster, Martin will hopefully join us for some sightseeing in Stockholm on Tuesday before you continue up north.

See you monday my friend,

Elohime   Nvm Zato she isn't coming :p
Orindmoe   Your entering viking land?
Elohime   Yes i am, you coming to see me :)?
Loli   The reward
Tom Green - Salmon Song
Scene from Road Trip
Elohime   <3
Loli   Heeeello eeeeelo! :d
eifele   ok m8 i undersyand i will see u tomorrow man
eifele   hi man i was wondering if u have any news for me allrdy ? :)
Elohime   well get here on your mage firstly altho we have 3 active atm we can start from there
eifele   do u need me as mage or ? :d
eifele   hiya m8
Elohime   Hey man saw your posts :)
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