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"Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands cuz they rapin everyody out here"
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TonyDaTiger96   hey man make a server I've been pretty bored for the past 2 weeks lol
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   tony can you get on now?
TonyDaTiger96   hey i'll probably be on in 30 minutes or so make a server and tell me the name if u can get on
Theinfamous   damn wtf is this.. guys cut it out with those names. how i got here? tony i didnt know u signed up in our guild.. ur birthday is shown in the module. thats how i found out. i clicked and this guy talking about halo.. i got curious and got here. thats how. deal with it. peace
ѦϟϟαIй   hey one of ur ics member bots i can tell u
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   keep him i mean hes good lol
ѦϟϟαIй   soo ur gonna keep BOTTER in ur clan
~Bisec   He's good coz he bots
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   When in doubt use c4 :d
ѦϟϟαIй   but i don't have a C4 thahaha
~Bisec   hi \
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   Hello who are you?
ѦϟϟαIй   he is myst
!C$ P3@NUT/ {P$Y} G0D   hey jelly i made an account :)
apinkhuskie   hi jelly i got in
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   I see
spideyj5   how i chat?
spideyj5   hey, what are the server training times i got a friend who wants to try out!
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   alright im gonna make now
spideyj5   my friend who wants to try out's name is:
»IC§«~JëÏÏÿ   LOL i kicked Vendetta like 10 times on accident
Sooty115   helloio?
Sooty115   whats teh pass again?
i forgot :-(
ѦϟϟαIй   Hey ics i'll vs youse 2 VS 2
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