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Battlefield 3
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
TheLegendBlue   Flying jets and shit.
USEFSpectre   Welcome to kDR!
TheLegendBlue   Wish that competive gaming (Console Wise) was big in other games like BF3 and GRFS. I'm tired of seeing COD and Halo......
TheLegendBlue   COD is starting to get old...... Same stuff every year, though the zombies is fun. Good thing MOH War fighter is coming out soon ill be all over that game.
TheLegendBlue   I can imagine RDS main stage for Black Ops 2 or Ghost Recon lets make it happen.
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TheLegendBlue   Cant stop staring at that flame on my name so distracting. XD
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xNehs-   Just letting u know if u need me for a black ops team just let me know
TheLegendBlue   It's sad to see some people leave RDS, but sometimes they caused it on themselves or they're just dead weight. But in the end a new person will take that spot and do just as fine if not better. RDS Circle of life i guess you can call it :p.
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TheLegendBlue   Hhh i cant play BF3 with idiot smurfs on my team its only when im by myself then when im with a friend or RDS i just go HAM.
TheLegendBlue   We should be able to recreate this on BF3 best recruitment tactic ever. MALARSKIIIIII :p
US Soldiers in Iraq - The Ding Dong Song
This is an awesome music video made by the mortars in HHC 1-...
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AKassassin420   lol that was funny :-)
TheLegendBlue   MW3 is for LAN's Black Ops is for Pro Circuits :) Lets go.
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ZuKe90   ya im down too!
TheLegendBlue   Stupid finals are holding back my game time >.<.
TheLegendBlue   Interesting day went to the movies enjoyed the movie "The Avengers" left the movie theater was outside of it and then this kid started talking shit about me cause of my clan jersey. But my dad stopped him before i could really hurt his feelings. People have issues >.>
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dismount19k   i get compliments on mine...either that or people dont say anything. Guess i'm scary...lol
Kandyjoker   once i get my credit card and shit im gonna order one
TheLegendBlue   I think people just think im an idiot cause its bluedargon40 not MLG_Blue
TheLegendBlue   Great gamebattle today Zuke & Kandyjoker all though we lost we did learn alot.
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Kandyjoker   it was worth the lost though we need to practice our call outs and choke points(cutoff points) once i get my famas we can play comp and practice
TheLegendBlue   Great day to steal some dogtags :d
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