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I am not afraid of death. I am only afraid of the toaster.
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cookielover519   Friend; *Eating icecream* Me: Sharing is caring.. Friend: Dont care.
cookielover519   On the server tomorrow! GOOD NIGHT!
Pielover 246   hey cookie
cookielover519   Hey!
cookielover519   Worst day ever. Sat on the ghetto bus and got called so many names... Ugh...
TheDinglelingle3   lol
cookielover519   On the server! I love you guys<3
aidenfreak   hi
cookielover519   Uhh. Wheres the application form?
Im such a blonde -.-
cookielover519   Chrisssss! Guess what!? New laptop. Applying to your server RIGHT NOW(:
cookielover519   Going to post my reply to Chris' rant!
Hope you people like it, I was being COMPLETELY honest.
The reason for my audio not matching my video.. I don't know what, sadly.
Well love you guys, see you all later..
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tttank1212   so do you want to talk about the servers
cookielover519   Hey sure, I need to find one, ones I have are currently not up
tttank1212   ok
cookielover519   Making a series on my youtube channel. Want to see it? Message me plea--
Jk. Heres a link to my account. [link]
cookielover519   Some people are so ungrateful and immature. Chris opened his server to responsible people, not hackers and/or trolls! People! Look what he has done for you! He entertains you and even made a server FOR YOU. He trusts a lot of you guys and all y'all do is repay him like this? Grow up..
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cookielover519   Others like Zaira are just awesome though :p
cookielover519   Waiting for Mom to get home. -.-
cookielover519   To youtube to catch up with the Minecraft Family and TheZaiangle's Series!!
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cookielover519   So I made myself in a crwative world, like a statue, and this noob comes over and sets 0 to my head..
Lol he was like "HAHAHA. umad?"
And I was like "Nope! Got a pic!"
Kid was bout to cry. xD
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