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30Sec   :)
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♥LoveYouAlot2♥   Happy Birthday!!!!! :d
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TheAwezomeDJ   Happy Birthday!! :)
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cillian99   Cya bud, have a great life!
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Komain72   You too! :)
cillian99   Thanks!
turk200   Did you leave?
coolguy24   Nah he's alive, just busy :p
turk200   oh
greenycrash8   Komain i fell like 6your a really awsome guy.I ,love you blog your creatvity
greenycrash8   Aw man komain u r like super legand
~ mohammadtheone ~   Uhmmmmm for the CTF, i'd like to host, speedtest result:[link] (got it from my previous tests)
Creatoss   Hey Komain, I know that you don't really know me and all, but...
Look, it's true we don't want you to leave, but I hope you don't allow what we're saying to influence your decision. I know this all sounds weird but, I think it's your choice if you want to leave, not ours. And also I think before you leave (if you're gonna leave) it would be a really good idea if you could say some last words, like a farewell address. Everybody is saying they're gonna leave and all, so maybe you could reassure them that everything is gonna be fine? Anyways, what you do is up to you, and I hope people don't start leaving. That's how one of the best communities I went to ended. Anyways thanks for reading! Hope you make a wise decision!
Diamond_Cake   Do u have snow there yet at your place?
Diamond_Cake   If u have then DC *throws you a tiny snowball which might hit target (13% chance)*
Robbot   wow dood
greenycrash8   Dude whats a long time dude
Warrior316   Komain come on fb quick!
zacpower114   Komain... vex freebuild came back up and when i went on... MY RANK, WORLD AND EVERYTHING WAS GONE! D: what happened? ;_; also... wb lol
LFLC   Hi Komain!
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