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DCB   What's that SWTOR? You missed me to? You naughty girl, you shouldn't have.
The Old Republic Conquers Space In Galactic Starfighter
Ever wanted a 12 vs 12 PvP battle in the stars, piloting your scout or gunship? Star Wars: The Old Republic is finally about to let you become a galactic warrior, conquering the st...
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Kell   Yeeeessss! Can't wait to shoot you down buddy :d
DCB   This is a vicious cycle, I play Kotor and Kotor 2 for a taste of the good old days...I only get a craving to play Swtor.
DCB   Finally manged to get down to brass and tacks to tackle Shadowrun Returns, a nice tasty 12 hour adventure in a tightly wrapped package. Of course what really delights me is the brainstorms and mods I'm already seeing from the community, the only thing better than a world built for nerds, are nerds with the tools to build said world.
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DCB   So Elysium, I found it pretty but a bit disappointing in terms of story. Perhaps I'm just a bit bummed it didn't hold up to district 9's standards though.
Es'merelda   Thanks for this - I was looking around to see if any of my friends had seen it. Apparently all of Matt Damon's political movies are like that - good with message, but disappointing with delivery. Is it at least worth seeing in theaters once or is it one of those movies that you just wait for a good download or for it to be released?
DCB   I'd go see it just for all the sci-fi glitter and action, not to mention Sharlto Copley makes for a hell of a villain. The message is heavy handed though, despite what the direction said to the contrary.
Katia Loenstern   MATT DAMON.
DCB   I can't agree more with what the comic has to say. As a fan of both literature and video games, I say neither should seek the approval of the other's critics. After all, you wouldn't ask a food critic to judge your music, unless it was delicious...
While a lot of the earlier Critical Miss strips make me cringe (and by "earlier," I mean every strip prior to this one), there are only a handful I completely regret writing.
Katia Loenstern   Can a literary critic rag on the bad writing in games? :p
DCB   Sure, but then zero fucks should be given :d
Katia Loenstern   Enjoy
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DCB   One of those days where I felt the only intelligent conversations I was having were with myself. The Forum chats excluded XD.
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DCB   Picked up Dust: An Elysian Tale from the Steam Summer Sale, and scolding myself for not having picked it up earlier. Wonderfully rendered environs and a colorful (if slightly anime troped) cast of characters. I'm not that far into the plot but the gist runs alongside the popular setting of an amnesia cursed warrior waking and trying to piece together his past. No points for originality but this is a simple tale, and in that simplicity lies strength.
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Katia Loenstern   Plot summary aside, is the writing corny or decent?
DCB   It's decent writing with a corny scene or two in the mix, IE a dying foe confessing to you while dying in a field of flowers. Still they don't take themselves that seriously, and there's very little of the brooding or exposition that comes with this kind of story.
DCB   It's decent writing with a corny scene or two in the mix, IE a dying foe confessing to you while lying in a field of flowers. Still they don't take themselves that seriously, and there's very little of the brooding or exposition that comes with this kind of story
DCB   So, Pacific RIm. It doesn't just carve out a foothold for the Kaiju and Mech genres....it hammers out a blazing trail using the bones of fallen enemies.
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DCB   I've always known it as Kaiju...but hey...you say tomato...I say walking tower of living death.
Katia Loenstern   You big cuban weeaboo
ShadowedSin   Gypsy Danger was just pure awesome.
DCB   I am once again armed with the internets! You have been warned!
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Darkfae   Welcome back!
Pixelsheen   We've missed you!
DCB   The battle for internets continues, my old D-Link wifi adapter has finally kicked the bucket, thinking of going for a hardwired adapter. Any suggestions from the crowd?
DCB   Yeah :S If I could work on it from just my Iphone and work computer I would, sorry!
Darkfae   S'okay. I'd commit sudoku if I had to write several hundred words off of a damn phone. X.x
DCB   *Sepoku. Though I'm sure the number puzzle is just as torturous :d
Khannan   What is a plebe?
Khannan   Thanks Wikipedia.
DCB   I'm better than Wikipedia, I'm not edited by any idiot with an Iphone :d
Khannan   Oh god you're so much better than my husband Wikipedia.
DCB   Now this is just cool.
The Oldest Known Melody (Hurrian Hymn no.6 - c.1400 B.C.)
The Oldest known musical melody performed by the very talent...
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Khannan   Whoooooooah...
DCB   Won't be around saying much as my internet has been knocked out at home, considering taking this moment to switch providers, AT&T is just killing me with all these service failures.
Katia Loenstern   How odd. I've never had issues with AT&T and everyone hates them.
Khannan   Drunk kangaroo. Everyone go home. Happy birthday.
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DCB   Congratulations, you win an internet.
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