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KYLA: " Do we get points by killing the kids too??"
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heavenly   need money for site?
jomondo   Nope I'm good thanks:)
V1cV1per   Jomondo! Its Tristos from WAR/DAoC. I know i've been away for awhile, but how have you guys been? What games do you guys play now?

P.S. I applied to the forum, I noticed you guys had a new site I think. Probably why I lost touch.

Also, do you guys have a TS/vent/mumble?

Riff   Jo, just FYI tried to link my toon but the only option for GW2 was Anvil Rock server (must be left over from beta). Need to link Sanctum of Rall.
jomondo   Ok thanks for the heads up.
jomondo   Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2
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heavenly   need username and password for mumble i believe .

Label- War Templars?
jomondo   it's your user name and password for the web site. if you need help you can call me or chat me on this web site
Kyla   It's to talk about how you are feeling right this second! Also, a place for people to come and tell you how purty you are.
jomondo   I have no idea, a blog of sorts??
jomondo   I have no idea Rosta
Lob Knotsmith   Hiya Jo, Thanks for contacting me and gettin me back here.
Rosta   Whats the password for vent, need it for my laptop.
heavenly   hey do you think swtor will make an april/june window or is is looking like a 2012 release
heavenly   yeah how is swtor, havent gotten into the beta (bah). Anyway hit me up. Will be there when game comes out .
jomondo   yo yo yo
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