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MDG HURRICANE   hows it going bossy long time no see
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Sessionsz   posted some tig tournament info.. spread tha werd.
xDark Angelx   Het Bossy!!!! how have you been?! havent talked to u in a min.
FaDeD xo BoNNie   i kno right! been a minute! hmu on da box for some game time!
xDark Angelx   Ight miss.beatiful! i will
TIG x iiNfAmOuS Aka, InFaMoUs   We r friends. Bossy I was TIGXORXDIE.
FaDeD xo BoNNie   hey !!!
FaDeD xo BoNNie   TIG whats good my fams! sorry i havent been online lately but ive been going thru some personal probs. im sure ill be on more in the next few weeks! I miss playing with you all! HMU when u see me online!
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TIG Savage HD   Nope shes lying everyone. When she gets online dont bother her. lmao
FaDeD xo BoNNie   HUSH Nok he dont know shit! lol
FaDeD xo BoNNie   Wow, so i think i found the perfect place! i hope everything goes good cause after JAN1st ill be able to put in the proper time needed to build this family up! Trust me Imma do some work when i get the chance! LOVE YOU GUYS ALL!!!*EXCEPT ONE* TI GAMING BABY!
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FaDeD xo BoNNie   and no sess down boy! thats a bad dog!
TIG Savage HD   lol damn sess. she must have showed you a pic or something. you reallly want to knock her friend down
FaDeD xo BoNNie   cant get no satisfaction! *sings*
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   I love you very much my daughter...now lets do some recruiting!!!! =)
FaDeD xo BoNNie   yes daddy ive been working on some, but i dont get the dam time to do it! im free now imma see what i can do! luv ya! OXOXOX
DHG iiM NAUGHTY   BOSSY nice nice profile pick.... *leaves bookmark for later*.......
FaDeD xo BoNNie   LOL dont bookmark! welcome to TIG!
TIG IMPATIENT 6   wassupk gorgeous
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   Justin...don't be hittin on my daughter dammit!


TIG IMPATIENT 6   yo i cnt helpk it if my personality flirts alot lmfao n u already knw i treat women lyk queens so succ it robk lmao
TIG IMPATIENT 6   n eh bossy dey aint catching me a 2ND TYM LMFAO
FaDeD xo BoNNie   G Afternoon my Ti PEEPZ! im just getting up enjoying my week off and im about to beat huggems up on the top poster! wish me luck, but first im off to make my coffee and sit here and post post post! then get up on the box and RECRUIT some really good peepz!
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TIG Professah   The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list. :p
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   Oh yeah!!!!! I'm re-experimenting my old HTML coding days from when I did web designing...going to be working on a FLASH template next week! =)
FaDeD xo BoNNie   im luving our GROWING! we well be at the top! indue time!
TIG Savage HD   Nerd. lol im just kidding im gonna start working on some graphics in photoshop. I learned all by myself. using youtube lmao
OGC SSJ2 TRUNKS   This niiga calls me a nerd when he doin the same shyt....lmfao Dijon, love ya man no homo. lol if you can, come up with a nice graphic for the site and I'll put it up.
FaDeD xo BoNNie   I LUV PURP!
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SALAS   I'm leanin towards this Blue Cheese & Indica i scored.. = p
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