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carolinet   Hai! /warp cmanor to see my new house!
carolinet   Im So Happy:) I Got 10,000 Views On My Wall!:) im probs guna do a party at my house once i finish.
carolinet   So soarrrrrrrrrrr! stupid couch! my 2 friends spent the night and made me sleep on the couch. ): ): ): #lovinlife #yolo
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Frodo2128   teen beach movie sucked soo bad
carolinet   then u suck
Frodo2128   realy
carolinet   :)
★►●PØяØж●◄★   Hi
angrybanana46   Hey I da 1 who gave you a diamond axe?????? :)
swagking85   hey :d
miacupcake   Hi! Long time no see :d
carolinet   My mind: must...kill...creeper!!! In RL brother: Why Are You Hitting Me With A Spoon, Caroline????
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! ! ratboyeee ! !   hi
carolinet   Planning for my Birthday party...don't judge me, the theme is "One Direction"
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Lite's Door   Hey! Remember me? :d
carolinet   DUH
speedxcraft   Elloz caroline im back!
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carolinet   cool!
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