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Its bmvaughn..if you didnt know..GOOGLE IT BITCH!
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Cling_to_life   Happy Birthday ^^
B2thelastoise   Happy Birthday man! have a good one.
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bmvaughn   thanks
Artemis ツ   Happy Birth!!!! :d
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bmvaughn   thanks!
bmvaughn   ASAT RULEZ!!
ASAT clan 2012!!!!! clan vid
watch in HD^ after a ton of editing i give you our clan vid ...
Ichigo Senpai   Lol nice little introduction video.
bmvaughn   shared this image...
bmvaughn   Amazing!!!
Naruto 4th Great Ninja War Trailer || [Naruto] [ASMV] [HD] [...
WOW 100 000 views ... thanks COMENT AND RATE ,,, PLS SUB REA...
vek   epic :o
bmvaughn   This week naruto/bleach manga came out today...i feel so bad for the kages (i wish i saw the fight tho lol) and the head captains bankai is awesome!
bmvaughn   i love this scene of Sakura <3
Sakura best scene (vs Sasori)
A short scene from the fight between Sakura and Sasori's pup...
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vek   me too this scene is super like baws
bmvaughn   i miss the OLD valorgaming...the one that when i first join everyone was cool with each other and we didnt have these annoying ass noob players on it but like all good things it had to come to an end :(
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♚Emperor Final♚   Ikr
Adachi-Kun   yes true
bmvaughn   HOLY SHIT!!! the head captain from bleach released his bankai, shit is about to get real
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bmvaughn   i cant wait 7 more days lol i need to see the next chapter NOW
vek   ^ it was time to showcase the yamamoto's bankai
bmvaughn   i hope they show ALL the other captains bankai
Regikickass22   bro wannah hear me sing lmao
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Regikickass22   well i cant cuz B2 stole my voice nd my heart </3
bmvaughn   aww what happen?
Regikickass22   the fact i dont see b2 anymore kills me :(
bmvaughn   it has been reveal that tobi/madara is actually obito but this didnt surprise me or you could say its a letdown because everyone on this site was saying over and over that its him, i was actually hoping it was someone else so i could be excited about this chapter in the manga. :(
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bmvaughn   I had the same reaction as the crowd!
Best Jerry Springer E-V-E-R!
He'll try anything once.
bmvaughn   dont get me wrong the songs are good but if you listen to the lyrics you'll laugh or be like what the fuck!
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bmvaughn   Another song is Call Me Maybe-it says before you came into my life i miss you so bad, how the fuck did you miss me when your ass didnt even know i exist until now, it also says all the other boys try to chase me but here's my number so call me maybe..if you got all these boys chasing after you why are you running after this one boy but i love at the end how he turns out to be gay, i bet she wish she went with one of those other boys!
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Professor Kokonoe   I thought the SAME exact thing when I sang that part of the song ("before you came into my life" part) I literally said that to myself 5 times before I made the "WTF" face XD. And I loved the ending of that video, rofl. The songs are CATCHY...but make no sense :lol:
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