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Galaxykiller   Good luck to everyone on the headstart :) 7 minutes to go
Voryth   I think I will be in the 3rd wave QQ
Didn't get my email even for the 2nd and I pre-ordered in mid of august, and it's not even one month after they set up preorder
Galaxykiller   Hhmm, I'm not sure how they are doing the waves, since the first wave, didn't include everyone from the first day of pre-orders :x

Anyway, they will keep sending waves until the end of the day :)

But there's such an huge hyp, everyone is spamming on their web page and game client, which is not good :p

I wish you good luck on receiving your Headstart mail :)

By the way, piece of advice, check your game client, instead of your email. There's a lot of cases where people can press the "Play" button, but th
Galaxykiller   Sorry for asking friend requests to you guys just now, but since I liked you, I think we could have developed a good relationship in-game, I wanted to add, so we can keep in touch. There's some other members I would also like to add, but I can't see the guild roster, so, I will have to wait until I see the other members as someone's friend :/

Thanks for accepting the requests, and for not having any kind of grudge or something against me :)
Voryth   Heya lets see you ingame! :)
If you click on my profile/characters you can see mine (not created yet but they will named as shown)
Galaxykiller   I will try to create Galaxykiller , probably I can keep that name on two different servers at same time? :)
Voryth   wow that was a fast friend acception :d
Galaxykiller   lol, I'm hagging in here :)

But I won't anymore, I need to go dinner and get to classes ;)

See you later, and thanks for the invitation :)
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