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Scylax Vitarrn   hello A.J. you remember me? I have sadly been away so long. I finally came back on to see everyone and i am glad to notice the size of the clan. congrats on everything. I miss it sometimes.. how is everything going?
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24antrocks   Long time no see
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A.J. Wolf   Hey Anthony how are you. Im trying to change some airs.
A.J. Wolf   LyKan?
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A.J. Wolf   We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves, otherwise we harden.
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A.J. Wolf   brothers and sister im going to be playing ESO as a casual player =)
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Burstinax Wolfheart   Can you even see my writing? its been so long
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A.J. Wolf   yes of course! how are you tyler?
Burstinax Wolfheart   Close your eyes, oh wolf eyes, oh dear things, that have life
Close your eyes, so no fear, no pain, no tears, will hide from the darkness
Til the moon runs high, across the midnight sky,
Takes all to shine tall…
See your fears, completely disappear, by her protected spiritual grace
Let loving fate, run her through the wilderness to the Mystic Lake of Evershades

Where the moon reflects all she see’s
Now, she needs her pack
And she howls to the moon, and soon hears her calling broods… And her loving mate
Aak ek, mu draal…
Guide her, we pray…
Burstinax Wolfheart  
What you think of this song?
Stone Sour - Zzyzx Rd. w/lyrics
I do not own rights to this song
Burstinax Wolfheart  
Foundthis... hope you enjoy^^
Skyrim - Legend of Cain series: The Beast Within (Episode 2/...
PILOT EPISODE - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqjiH5N3jUA N...
A.J. Wolf   I Love it =) talking about Skyrim im going to give it a try to ESO =)
Burstinax Wolfheart   your welcome bro^^
Burstinax Wolfheart   thanks for comments an ddeep thoughts, bro.
Owenpixel   Hey it's Dogsrule100. I have a new account though. I got a new laptop and I'm ready to join the pack if possible! :)
Burstinax Wolfheart  

Prayer 94 peace bruh.^^
Bon Jovi - Prayer '94 (HQ Audio)
Bonus single from Cross Road album in HQ Sound
Burstinax Wolfheart   Chapter two "Pleasures of mating is up. Please, take a look and your discretion is advised. Note: I'm not responsible for anyone's mood swings, seizures, and etc upon this story. also, get a lot of pw mems to readit at their own risk lol please and thank you. I only have today off to show how much effort I made for you all in my remasterd story parts
Shadeslayer 9   bro u like look me off ur fl D:
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A.J. Wolf   Morning Wolves!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day everyone! HOLW ON
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