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♚Jאmו -butter♚   Back from hiatus.. again. Wow, takes awhile to realize just how much of an arse I am.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Living off a near to broke bank account in my mate's house: First world problems
♚Jאmו -butter♚   And hey I'm not dead.
Ufancy   if you are'nt dead then PM me soon xD
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Scumbag Netflix: Removes Mystery science theater episodes, puts in thousands of reality TV shows... getting really sick of your shit Netflix.
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♚Jאmו -butter♚   New photo because... Buttsecks Snort.exe
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♚Jאmו -butter♚   [WARNING] I am not responsible if your intellect turns into a potato from this video.
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~Jupi   What the fucking fuck?!
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Don't you love it when you hammer your nail in? It's a sensational experience.
~Jupi   Is that supposed to be dirty...
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Well, I was implying I hit my finger with a hammer but yeah. Guess it can sound like a innuendo put like that.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   I feel somewhat at a loss of sanity without TF2.. I've got a addiction worse then cocaine.
~Jupi   Dafuq.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   (It's a Game made by Valve on Steam Jupi o3o ) And good O suppose, I've been on a hiatus from it for around 7 months.. Thank you for askin.
~Jupi   Bish I know what TF2 is xD
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Never get the chance to watch Creatures Live stream it's always castes at: A.) Obnoxious time, B.) When I have plans. Damn you time differential 3:.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   "There's a cap in your ass!" I love you Imgur :3
amhokies   :o You're an Imgurian?
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Yup! How I find most these awesome vids xD
♚Jאmו -butter♚   So my professor started playing U2: One, "I find this song repetitive with all due respect". "Did you day Repetitive". "Yes I said repetitive". He keeps bugging me about this till I get the joke. I must lack a sense of humor..
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♚Jאmו -butter♚   *say
♚Jאmו -butter♚   I swear in my next life I won't even attempt to have a conscious..
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♚Jאmו -butter♚   I could watch this all day.
Boxer sings the blues.
Boxer sings the blues.
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amhokies   Tears. Big manly tears.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Oh Google Images...
[SFM Ponies] Fluttershy Loses her Innocence
EDIT: I'm flattered that this video is popular enough for it...
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~Jupi   Please tell me I'm not the only one that watched Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash make out.
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Nupe
♚Jאmו -butter♚   Seems as if right when I changed my pic to Dash again others seem to follow, *Stares at screen suspiciously*.
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♚Jאmו -butter♚   Know I'm definitely not the first person to post of this but damn..
Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion that...
Meteorite explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region h...
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