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TMH Poized   shared this video...
A Day To Remember - Second Sucks
I do not own copyright for this Material
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TMH Mercy 3   I like it. Go for it.
InformalTuxedo   Hey Merci Im interested in joining the clan, who should I contact?
InformalTuxedo   Mercy* lol
TMH Mercy 3   Community, not clan, and TMH Army or TMH Poized, they can help you in the recruitment process.
Legionnaire   Informal Tuxedo You Are Already in contact with me i just need to get you in the same party with me to get you finalized
Legionnaire   Mercy wats up man
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RGC Rock3t   Thank you for the offer I will look into it if anything goes wrong where I am.
TMH Symbiotic 6   To give you an idea of where my PC stands at in terms of quality, you know that Malwarebytes scan I started hours ago? It's still going, 4 hours and 7 minutes in. I was mildly browsing the internet, but I didn't do anything that should have used up much processing.
TMH Symbiotic 6   Finished at 6 hours and 17 minutes. 12 Infected objects. 382029 objects scanned.
TMH Mercy 3   Just Awkward lol
TMH Symbiotic 6   shared this video...
Dichloroacetic acid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dichloroacetic acid, o...
TMH Symbiotic 6   shared this link...
America is Retarded.com - Cancer
The only thing that is is truly impossible, is nothing.
TMH Symbiotic 6   shared this link...
Undead Labs » Class3
The end is here. The mother of all zombie outbreaks has hit, and a handful of scattered survivors are fighting tooth and nail to survive. Humanity is on the brink of extinction, an...
TMH Symbiotic 6   shared this link...
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Review - PC Review at IGN
As a franchise, GSC Game World's Stalker has come a long way. That the original Shadow of Chernobyl was actually completed and released to the public at all after a seemingly endle...
KoE Shinigami   herro sir
TMH Mercy 3   hello!
TMH Lil Mercy 3   Hey! Guess what?
TMH Lil Mercy 3   Nope! Keep guessing!
TMH Mercy 3   Awww y not just tell me
TMH Lil Mercy 3   Y? Its way more fun if u keep guessing! :d
US NAVY Sea Dog   I pray your busy work life reaps you great,and large rewards.I hope I get good enough to sneak up on you,and stab you in the back! The dreams of game-play! ROTFLMAO :)'s
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TMH Symbiotic 6   shared this link...
iYounq   Thnx For Approving My App xD
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TMH MERK   hey i was just told about the whole off friends list and blocked communications??? i never remember ever spamming you??
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