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Celeress   Sweeeeet free promo code for befriending customer support
Celeress   So uh... I will be getting a refund. I will be switching hosts later today but since the current host still has like a week left until I owe them money I will have 2 servers. I will make another wall post with the new IP from the new host and would like people to go on it and just do things, make sure all the files transferred over correctly and that I'm not missing anything, Thanks! :)
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luebke   Celeress server crashed restart please?
Celeress   Updating the website, making it look prettier.. What do you guys think?
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Yuru   I luv et
luebke   like
Nozomi   not bad... i kinda prefer the old color scheme, but this ones decent
Changeddog   I saw ur new map (hage) and its full of swag.
get some shaders in your pictures while we are paralyzed with awe
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Celeress   Cool my Collectors edition of ESO just came in the mail! :d
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guayas   Hi can I apply for staff on your server? (Preferably admin) I have experience :d
luebke   Ok thanks and It happened again today xD i haven't been able to log on but Ill try monday. Its still in beta so there's always gonna be bugs to fix
ram_man21   Great Job on your Server :d
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luebke   Can you restart server? Its been down for like the whole day and won't let me log on.
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Celeress   Yeah, I restarted it. Don't have internet ATM (posting off my phone) so I can't really work on it this weekend.
_Shadow_Run_   Wrong acount
PiratePad: O1gqtNMnao
Link Description
_Shadow_Run_   shared this link...
PiratePad: O1gqtNMnao
Link Description
Ensnare   Can you be mah friend. :)
UltraGhostie   [link]
Celeress   10/10 Would buy
Razer Eidolon - The World First Wearable Drone System
The heart of the Razer Eidolon is the Wrist Command Module. In classic Razer styling, this black and green gauntlet of game docks and charges your Drone unit in addition to serving...
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Adam the Australian Assassin   brb *logs on ebay*
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