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darkkeeper   So sad SWTOR test is finishing up :( ........................ cant wait tell early access start.
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Voryth   I played a Bounty Hunter to lvl 20 and a Jedi Consular to lvl 10 because I couldn't decide which my alternative character should be - I think I will take Jedi Consular as alt.
I think i played nearly 24 hours xP
Tau   Had issues with logging in and then hardware problems but finally got it up and running with 6 hours game time left. So glad i got into beta now i feel ready for the launch. like you i can't wait :d
darkkeeper   Thats aweome Tau :) glad u where aple to play it before the launch :d.

P.S: Forsa you CCCRRRRAAAZZZYYY!!!! :p lol man u like my friend he went all out and just kept going ( TBH the story is addictive and i understand why u and my friend did so :p ) , which makes me wish i done the same but i had to practice some self controle cause i know myself well enough to know i would kill my self if i started full on and than had to wait for it to launch and not only that also to reapeat all i did :p .
darkkeeper   a few hours and the game should finish downloading and than we wait O_O , YAAAAAAY!!!!! :d
Verlaine   i downloaded twice and its finishing too atm..!!!
darkkeeper   LoL me and my Bro downloaded over night and it crashed only once , but we where able to retrieve everything without any trouble and i am copying it on the external Hard-drive and putting it on my PC and maybe Laptop as well to have access to it from work ( Just in case :p ) . Hope yours finishes without any more trouble :d
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