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KriBaby   Well Off I go to Minetown <3
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destroyertheminer   have fun if u need anything my ign is destroyer1239 i will be glad to help
KriBaby   Oh Boy, what to mine up next :) Currently about to go mining in minetown :)
KriBaby   Working on making my region bigger in the future :) Now has a yoshi pixel art ;) I need to stop with the pixel art for a bit.. Auto chicken egg dispenser finished!! Woot
KriBaby   Just finished my Hello Kitty Pixal Art :d She haunts over my house lol..
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KriBaby   Now accepting friend applications lol. jk :)
KriBaby   Wishing the Minecraft session servers would come up... =[[
DanniDorrito   Tell me about it -.-
KriBaby   Renovation my home in minetown :) Also had one of my friends move in with me. :) ElantheSpoony moved in with me until he gets ready to go make his own home lol. I told him he could stay for awhile. <3 I need to find some animals tho.. Trying to have a animal farm. ^.^
DanniDorrito   Hallooooo :)
KriBaby   Hi
KriBaby   Off to find Minecrafting <3
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