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theKunz   A)New ventrilo server at [link]
B)Dragogal's temporary EC server at [link]
C)FoxDoji and admins recently bought the domain [link]
D)FoxDoji and admins saved skylands moments before this debacle.
E)FoxDoji and admins has a save of the regular map from a month ago.
F)You WILL get your old maps back, though the regular map will be rolled back by about a month.
G)EC will return within a few days.

Copy this and spread the word to any EC member you find.
When talking to EC members in OC, talk to them privately.
rhymebow   bowow!

[link] will be up in 2 days, new vent-- [link]
fearlessfighter   Fine screw it
IP_A_D_ID_Y   so prove it :p
IP_A_D_ID_Y   I did not break a single block bar 1 torch which raven placed in front of me while I was hitting him
Darkitten   [link]
fearlessfighter   was on that is it at the bottom
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